Why We Are Here …Our Philosophy On Survival

Badger LogoSelf-reliance. This is the backbone of a survivalist mindset, and this is the goal that Matt and I are striving for with the inception of this website.  I’ll be the first to tell you that neither of us is currently 100% self-reliant. However, both of us realize that we hopelessly rely on a system that is unsustainable, and that this is unacceptable. We’ve grown tired of being locusts to our planet and our fellow man, thus, we’ve devised this simple plan to combat it: educate, alleviate, perpetuate.

EDUCATE:  As engineers, we both know a lot about critical thinking, retaining information, and applying that learned information in our daily lives.  With this in mind, our first phase is to apply these skills to making ourselves and everyone around us as self-reliant as possible.  We will do this by becoming jack-of-all-trades in numerous areas including preparation, medicine, defense, technology, and many others.  We will also study the systems around us that can help us reach this goal of preparedness and self-reliance, such as FEMA, the Red Cross, and various other third party organizations that promote self-reliance skills training.  Finally, we will post all of our findings and lessons learned to this website.

ALLEVIATE:  The world around us has a lot of problems.  Everything from starvation, to violence, to corruption and greed all do a pretty good job of making us feel like the business end of a pooper scooper some days. Well, we propose that instead of letting this stuff bring you down, use it as motivation to improve yourself. The theory is, that if you decrease the negative impact that you personally impose on the world around you, the grandiose problems that we are confronted with everyday will begin to alleviate.

PERPETUATE:  Spread the word!  Help your fellow man improve, and imagine the possibilities.  Do you think the looting after hurricane Katrina, or the rapes, killings, and thefts after the earthquake in Haiti would have happened if all of these people were prepared and had the skills to survive? We’ve spent years reading survival literature and blogs that feature loads of information on how to REACT to adverse survival conditions, well, we’re proposing that we take this a step further.  Don’t just prepare for the worst and hope for the best …DO SOMETHING to make the situation better for everybody.  If you do this, you will increase all of our chances of survival.

Our goal is to become a vast resource for educating oneself to be self-reliant and a positive contributor to the world around you (and have some fun in the process) …and we welcome all of you to join us!

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