Jack – CEO and Contributing Editor

Contrary to Matt, who lives the crazy jungle life on his ranch in Costa Rica, I am just your typical over-educated urbanite, residing in Florida, with his wife and soon to be baby girl. Basically, the only thing that sets me apart from the bulk of the population here in the United States is a passion for self-reliance, the outdoors, and survival.

This passion is partially attributed to my parents, a couple of West Virginia natives (insert family tree with no branches joke here). As a kid growing up in upstate New York my Mom was always canning, composting, or recycling something, and my old man was always dragging my brothers and me out hunting, fishing, camping, or to the local watering hole for cheese burgers and orange juice. Looking back, I feel pretty lucky to have had the childhood that I did, because these days it seems like the only outdoors most kids see are the animated forests on World of Warcraft.

As I got older my passion for the outdoors grew into a passion for sports, specifically cross country and track, which I competed in all through my high school and undergraduate college years. To this day, I feel that competing at the state and national levels in running has been one of the biggest influences on why I am the man that I am today. The tenacity and inner strength that I developed during those years of intense competition, in a sport that relies solely on your ability to perform, have played a huge part in developing my current self-reliant mindset. The other major factor in developing this mindset has been my family. When I made the decision this past year to take a wife and start a family I knew that my life would never be only about me again. With this in mind, I made a promise to myself to learn all that I can in order to provide for them through any circumstance.

So why start a website about survival and self-reliance? The short answer is, as much as I hate to admit it I will not be able to provide the quality of life that I want for my family and me completely on my own if things get crazy. Whether it is a natural disaster, catastrophic attack, economic collapse, or something else, I realize that I’m going to need some help, and not just any help. I’m going to need help from people that have put a high priority on learning to be self-reliant in their own lives like I have. I’m going to need people that know how to provide clean water, nutritious food, and shelter for themselves …instead of just buying it …and these basic skills are becoming a lost art these days in our fast paced consumer driven society.

So why start this website now? I’m kicking this off now because my motivation to cultivate a network of like-minded individuals has finally achieved critical mass. Two years ago I wrapped up my Executive Masters in Business and Administration, and it was an eye opening program to say the least. Studying all facets of business in depth, during a time when the economy was in shambles, really advanced my desire to become self-reliant. Fueled by this knowledge my last two years have been spent taking my plans and preparations to the next level, part of which involves helping others in there planning, and building a community.

I am excited to put forth the knowledge that I have learned from my thirty one years on the planet in hopes to make a difference in how we as a society think and act on a daily basis. I am also excited to build a community that is comfortable bringing their ideas to the table for the betterment of everybody. Talking like this makes me think of a cheesy t-shirt that my track team was issued in college “TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More”. It’s definitely cheesy, but there is a lot of merit to it when you think about it. Well, now that you know a little about me, tell me about yourselves in the comments. Have a great day!


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Matt- CTO and Contributing Editor

The root of my perspective emanates from an eclectic upbringing. Being raised as an expatriate traveling through multiple countries gave birth to both cynicism of American exceptionalism, while appreciating the enlightenment values which gave birth to this hubris. Philosophically, I perceive truth from a critical rationalist epistemological framework. Politically, I have always been motivated toward the libertarian school of thought; both social and capitalistic.

This anti-authoritarian inclination running through my veins stems from witnessing the inefficiency, hypocrisy, and the horror within dictatorships and puppet governments. I was raised with awareness for corruption found within consolidated power, both in the public and private sectors. The emotional impact of the memories of my family being terrorized by violent military gangs as a child will certainly influence any bias found within my writing.

After attending university for computer engineering and a string of failed business start ups I decided to be practical and get a normal 9-5 job in the IT field. As many in my field come to appreciate the reality of a 40 hour work week is a far cry from actuality. Dissolution quickly set in after several years of making management wealthy and I became further enslaved. I decided to make some drastic changes and leave everything behind to pursue both independence and happiness in Costa Rica.

Leaving everything behind and becoming an expatriate again was both exciting and terrifying. My severely deteriorated ability to communicate with a language I never appropriately learned was both a vulnerability and catalyst for me to adapt to this bizarre and fantastic new environment. Passionate curiosity towards discovery has always been a great motivator of mine and is stimulated in a situation where surviving is dependent upon it.

This website is both a way for me to share my thoughts and be enlightened by yours. I seek a greater independence and interdependent solidarity amongst my friends, neighbors, and you the reader. I wish to genuinely share my personal thoughts, successes, and failures so we can all grow as a community.

Badger LogoOur Mascot

If you cannot tell from our logo, our mascot is the honey badger. In our eyes, the honey badger is the epitome of survival and self-reliance. Here are a few traits that support our case:

INTELLIGENCE – On top of being a strategic and skilled hunter-gatherer, the honey badger is one of the few species on the planet that is known to leverage tools and improvise in its day-to-day life.

ADAPTABILITY – If meat isn’t available, the honey badger eats fruits and vegetables. If it’s dangerous to hunt during the day, the honey badger becomes nocturnal and only hunts at night. Basically, the honey badger will do anything it has to in order to thrive in its environment.

TOUGH – The honey badger is physically tough. Its loose skin is nearly impervious to piercing attacks, and its long, wiry frame makes it nearly impossible to pin down in a fight. Basically, if you are going to go toe-to-toe with a honey badger leave your dogs, spears and machetes at home …because they will do you little good.

TENACIOUS – The honey badger is one of the fiercest creatures in the animal kingdom. If a honey badger gets backed into a corner, it either rips its opponent apart, or dies trying. If a honey badger’s meal for the day needs to be a venomous cobra than it will fearlessly attack it …and win.

ATTITUDE – The honey badger has a never-say-die attitude. Whether it’s eating tree bark to curb its appetite or battling animals twice its size, a honey badger NEVER EVER QUITS!


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